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First topic of discussion.

What is your favorite song from Chicago and why?

I actually love a song that wasn't even in the movie. I love the song "Class." I wish they had kept that scene in the movie (if you have the DVD, look in special features). I love how it relate to any time. And how blunt it is. Catherine Zeta-Jones & Queen Latifah song GREAT together.
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OKAY, this is really hard for me to decide.

but, i suppose ill have to go with Roxie. She's my favorite character, and i love how the beginning is just a bunch of witty one liners and conversation and then she grabs those boys and starts shaking her butt around. haha i love it.

however, i love the choreography of I Can't Do it Alone and my friends usually catch me belting out funny honey all the time.

seriously, this is like the best movie. ever.
i love it.
Well, I am partial to "All that Jazz" because my Zeta is singing it, but I'll have to go with "Mr. Cellophane". A) because it reminds me of myself and B) I think it's the best written of all the songs in the musical.