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Brand Spankin' New Community

Okay guys, hey. Call me Cay Cay (I know, weird, but its my nickname). I just started this community. I've seen Chicago, the movie, about a million times! I saw it 3 times in the theaters and I've listened to the soundtrack 20 billion times. I love it sooooo much. This community is for people who love it too. Though this isn't my ABSOLUTE favorite musical, it's definately the one I've seen the most (excepting Bedknobs and Broomsticks but thats because I owned it since I was like, 5). I thought it was amazing how they actually got actors with even DECENT voices (thier voices were great) all in one movie!! Its been done with other movies, but usually not as successfully.

Seacrest, OUT. Yes, I do end all of my posts (probably not going to do it here, but on my regular LJ) with "Seacrest, OUT." Its an inside joke, so calm yourselves, I'm not crazy. LOL
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